Sunday, June 2, 2013

Robotic Ice Creme Sunday

Walking through a mall in Singapore several months ago, I heard a very annoying jingle playing. Looking around, I found it was coming from a Robotic Ice Cream Sunday distribution machine.  Not only did the music draw me in, but the actions of the robot was fascinating.  A disclosure is necessary here.  I am uniquely drawn to fair and street vendors selling cheap Japanese knives.  One of my prized possessions is a Ginzo serrated blade knife which will saw through frozen blocks of spinach, bread, and still slice a tomato or cut strips of paper.

I had to purchase an Ice Cream Sunday (all five layers).  I invited a small child to chose the topping for me, but only had one choice for the frozen desert flavors.  All in all it was fun to watch, but the eating enjoyment lacked flavor and the texture of good soft ice cream.

The Pitch

The following is a demo from the distributors web site.

Enjoy watching!!!

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  1. OK, this wins for Rube Goldberg insanity, buy I still find the mashed potato machine at that 7-11 in Little India more gruesome and compelling.