Friday, October 7, 2011

A house guest with 5 days in KL

Brendan was able to spend a few days in KL after business meetings in China and Singapore and before ones in Dhaka.

A happy man getting

First, on his to-do list was to have a suit made. A friend recommended her husband's tailor. Brendan was measured on Tuesday, fitted on Wednesday, and had the suit on Saturday. Andy Wong of Custom Made by Andy in Menara Weld gained a loyal customer. Once Brendan put the suit on he announced no more off-the-racks suits. Fortunately, as long as Brendan doesn't gain weight he can order and receive suits by mail.

We visited FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) and its canopy walk - 150 meters (about 0.1 miles) long and 30 meters above ground. The canopy was more challenging because there is a long uphill walk before we climbed on. (BTW I got a good shot of Doug on the canopy, but he vetoed it.)

On to food - I can't believe we didn't take pictures. We went to favorites. At Saravanna, our neighborhood vegetarian Indian restaurant with branches all over the globe, I am always drawn to the mixed vegetable paratha. Brendan decided if there was another visit he too would have the paratha. My Elephant, rated by Trip Advisor as Petaling Jaya's #1 restaurant, deserves the rating. Its web page says that it serves Thai food with a healthy twist. Healthy and delicious - I get hungry just thinking about it, especially the fern tips and green papaya salad. At each meal Brendan declared that it was the best yet. He gave the same rating to South Pacific Seafood where we had sea bass. We left the choice of sauce to the waiter (always a wise decision); he also chose our vegetable.

Brendan announced that he had a taste for soto ayam. So I did what any sensible person here does - I checked the blogs and asked around. The recommendation was Chawan. We all had soto ayam, chicken soup. Yummy and probably up to curing a cold or flu. Our last meal was at Chutney's. We had several vegetarian dishes - each was well-prepared, nicely spiced, and delicious. It is hard to stop eating and figuring out the spicing.

So five days to enjoy Brendan's company and visit our favorite restaurants.


  1. Had a great time, and am looking forward to the first occasion to wear my new suit. Hope your move goes well!

  2. Oh, and South Pacific Seafood really was the best.