Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slowly, slowly things fall together

Today we looked at three apartments in Amcorp Mall. We were sorely tempted by an inexpensive unit, but decided on a slightly more pricey unit. It was more fully furnished and had sufficient workspace, so we wouldn't have to balance a computer on our knees (our current strategy) or fight for space on the dining room table. We made an offer on another unit on Thursday only to receive a call Friday that the owner decided that she was charging too little! Our plan is to sign the lease on Monday and move in Tuesday. The unit is close so we can walk our stuff over in about three trips.

On Friday we opened up our Malaysian HSBC account. Doug said that opening an HSBC Premier account in NYC last summer was the smartest thing we did. He plans to write an entry "Ode to HSBC" with more details.

Our meeting with the MM2H agent was a success. Although we were less sure when we arrived. Her office is in a shop house with padlocked doors - scarcely reassuring. Since we plan to work with her we will supply pictures later. We have made arrangements to get all the documents and can probably submit our application by 1 May. None of the documents were very hard to get and HSBC directed us to a local notary to certify our passport copies and a few other documents. We were told that he charges RM2 (about 67 cents) per page. We plan to buy a color printer that allows us to scan. Easily obtained paperwork does not translate into not very much paper work.

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