Sunday, February 6, 2011


They say that marriage attracts opposites, but that doesn't adequately capture the bread divide at our house. I like dense, multigrain breads. Doug doesn't. Pictured are the breads we have on hand: left front a focaccia (bought when Doug and I couldn't agree on what bread to have with soup), left back a piece of sunflower wholegrain from last week's loaf and today's loaf, center Doug's home made white bread, a pretzel, and on the right vital bread (sourdough Wheat/Rye Bread with pumpkin & flax seeds, oat and fresh carrots).

It took us years to find "good" bread in Raleigh. We would buy bread when we went to DC or NY. Our search ended when local groceries started stocking artisan bread. Finding bread has been easier in Indianapolis. On our first outing to the neighborhood grocery I brought Scholar's Inn 8 grain bread/3 seed bread; it was as full of taste as the ingredients suggested. The bad news - it isn't baked every day.

So on Saturdays we walk less than a block to the Indy Winter Farmers Market and pick up a loaf or two of Brotgarten bread, the source of the pictured breads with the exception of the focaccia and Doug's loaf. Here is their Farmer's Market display with a glimpse of one of the two bakers.

Our search for bread will resume when we move to Malaysia. While I was in Penang in 2008 I identified two possibilities my last week there, so we may check them out when we return. Fortunately, Malaysia offers many food alternatives so I may not feel deprived.

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