Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moving Days

Doug has introduced plan for getting the furniture from the pods into a truck. We had hired Silent Hoosier Movers and lucky for us one of the guys, Johnny, loads trucks for FedEX. He was a genius at packing the truck. When we rent the unit we may store everything in the third bedroom and ask him to figure out the configuration.

I forgot to get a picture so one of Johnny's notes will have to suffice. He is definitely on our "good boy list." At one point Doug saw a condo board member yelling at the movers because the truck was parked in the "wrong" place. I wonder how he would have felt if he noticed that the "silent movers' probably didn't hear a word he was saying!

As we have unpacked boxes we have dealt with collections of spices (52 bottles), cookbooks (3 boxes), and CDs (uncounted). We filled two "Indian spice" boxes - one has salt and peppers and the other had most of our frequently used spices. We had to choose between chili and cayenne pepper and turmeric and curry. Otherwise we would constantly be thrusting our nose into the containers. Books were divided into three groups: in the condo, in the 3rd bedroom (for when we return), and to Malaysia.

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