Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Signs of India

This sign seems to capture the spirit of India - it is not what you see but how it makes you feel. The sign us to look at other for signs to share.

When we traveled in Vietnam in 2002 we were fascinated by the list of rules everywhere. Most were in Vietnamese and hence a mystery to us. On the train, however, the lists of rules for the railroad company, the train staff, and the passengers were read in English. Our ticket also had a list of rules including one that passengers could not bring "dead or radioactive bodies" on the train. Thus, we became fascinated with rules. Below is from a Jain temple.

Reminiscent of Vietnam is he Desert Boy's sign illustrating the belief that if your business isn't listed in Lonely Planet it is totally ignored.

Some signs left us puzzled. We don't know what an "non touristic" safari is. Similarly, what constitutes a Jain bathroom is a mystery. Several Jain temples are closed to non-Jains but I don't think that is the case here. Also, Jain temples prohibit giving money directly to holy men - perhaps the same applies to the tips given to bathroom attendants.

There are also the "public service announcements." Most signs are in Hindi. We assume that the English signs are to communicate with tourists. Here is two from our collection.

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